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Sovereign is a full-spectrum firm that specializes in UI / UX /CX design, software development, IoT hardware design and engineering.

Focused on Digital Innovation, we help our clients envision and create world-class digital experiences across web, mobile, extended reality and IoT connected smart devices.

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Digital Innovation

Innovation requires completely rethinking the way we perceive our current and future customers as well as acquire a deep understanding of current and future competition.

Software Development: From Ideation To The Cloud


Providing The RoadMap To Disruptiv Innovation

Achieving true disruptive innovation is not a one-person job, it takes teams with diverse backgrounds, unique perspectives and domain expertise to make creative visions a reality.

Innovation requires completely rethinking the way we perceive your current and future customers as well as acquire a deep understanding of current and future competition.

Our holistic approach provides unique data-driven insights of competitive offerings as well as targeted customer demographics, personas, habits, mindsets and trends.


Disruptive By Design – Customer-Centric Innovations

One of the most consistent patterns in business is the failure of leading companies to stay at the top of their industries when technologies or markets change.

Disruptive innovation requires a major shift in perspective, a moment when our everyday point of view is turned upside down, and the team finds a completely new ways of approaching challenges.

We start each client engagement with an in-depth discovery and ideation phase to immerse ourselves in your business objectives as well as identify opportunities for disruptive innovation.


Creating Immersive & Engaging Digital Experiences

Customer experience (CX) can be defined as the quality of all of a consumer’s encounters with a company’s products, services, and brand. While a strong customer experience produces significant results—more customers, more sales, and more loyalty—many companies still struggle to identify a plan of action to achieve these results.

Leaders can reach these goals if they focus on something more specific: the Digital Customer Experience (DCX).


Combining Strategic & Narrative Design Methodologies

Design Thinking is more than making something look beautiful. It also has to be intuitive and functional. If a website or app is beautiful but difficult to use, chances are users will never return.

Digital design has to serve the user and human-centered design has to solve the problems we face today and tomorrow.

That’s why User Experience (UX) design is at the heart of the future for Digital Customer Experience.


Pixel Perfect: The Perfection Of Interaction Design

Today, the bar for web and mobile app design has been raised. Both the UI and UX design need to work seamlessly together to provide an intuitive and personalized digital experience.

With, the exponential growth of mobile, web and IoT applications, UI design now plays a more pivotal role than ever in enhancing the overall User Experience (UX). 


Intelligent, Autonomous & Data-Driven Applications

The next-generation of Smart Apps are powered by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), IoT and Blockchain – delivered by a scalable cloud service architecture.

These Smart Apps are disrupting industries and decisively shaping unique and immersive digital user experiences.

Next-Generation Platforms & Technologies


Different Clouds Are Designed For Different Workloads.

One of the most significant risks of committing to a single cloud service provider is the fact that the organizations may face vendor lock-in.

multi-cloud strategy will allow the organization more operational independence as any issues that occur with one cloud service provider will not affect the organization’s data stored on another provider.


A Modern Data Platform Breaks Down Information Silos

The Data Cloud Platform has a multi-cluster shared data architecture which delivers your data @ cloud-scale.

The scalable platform easily and securely enables a wide variety of workloads—data warehouses, data lakes, data pipelines, and data exchanges—and many types of business intelligence, data science, and data analytics applications.


Capture, Store, Analyze & Deliver Data @ Cloud Scale.

The future of Big Data is the rise of what is called ‘fast data’ and ‘actionable data’.

Big Data, typically relies on Hadoop and NoSQL databases to analyze the information in the batch mode, fast data allows for processing in real-time streams.

Actionable data is the missing link between big data and business value. By processing data with the help of analytical platforms, organizations can make information accurate, standardized, and actionable.


Fast Track To Analytics: Cloud-Native Warehouse

Sovereign’s Data Analytics Platform provides a high-performance and near-zero management solution, with unlimited scale for every analyst. 

Its unique architecture, and computing power dedicated to individual workloads, make it possible for thousands of self-service users to analyze all their data in real-time with no bottlenecks.


A Cloud Data Platform For Unified Data Science.

Big data is useless without analysis. The ability to capture, collect and analyze data @ cloud-scale is pivotal to turning enormous volumes of data into actionable insights.

The Data Cloud Platform delivers the performance, concurrency, and simplicity.

Consolidate your data from data warehouses, data marts, and data lakes into a single source of truth that powers multiple types of analytics and data science applications.


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning @ Cloud Scale

Traditional data warehouses and big data tools restrict how much data that data scientists and data analysts can store and analyze.

The Data Cloud Platform was built to seamlessly integrate and support the type of scalable applications data scientists rely on. 

Our unlimited and affordable data storage and compute resources can rapidly scale to meet the demands of every user and every use case.


Building Massive Data-Driven Apps @ Cloud-Scale

Sovereign develops modern data-driven apps with unlimited and automatic scalability, concurrency and instant elasticity built in from the beginning. 

Our data cloud platform was uniquely designed with a multi-cluster, shared data architecture to handle the kind of massive-scale SaaS applications we build for our clients.


Experience + Cutting-Edge Tools & Technologies

Most organizations find it challenging to understand and apply the full power of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) to get tangible business results. 

Our team is passionate about utilizing our technical capabilities, experience, and product mindset to help our clients effectively extract real business value by implementing blockchain and DLT across their organization. 

Extended Reality (XR)

Creating Parallel Worlds & Unique Digital Experiences.

Whether your reality is virtual, augmented, blended, mixed or actual, the combination of 3D imagery interacting with Internet-Of-Things devices and data is changing how we work and play.

Sovereign is at the cutting-edge of XR technologies and can help you build amazing and unique Digital Experiences.

AI + IOT (Internet-Of-Things)

Platforms, Software & App Development

While clouds are powerful for storage and processing, they create delays for IoT devices sending data back and forth. 

IoT edge devices solve a fundamental problem associated with the centralization of cloud architecture.

By bringing cloud computing capabilities to local devices, IoT edge computing can process data faster, preventing delays, security breaches and other concerns.


Device Engineering, Connectivity & Sensor Integration.

Our design and engineering teams incorporate the latest advancements and technology break-throughs in fields of Sensory Intelligence (SI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Secure Communication and Edge-Computing. 

We help our clients to design, prototype, test and deliver the next-generation Autonomous Machines and IoT+ devices to market. Bringing the power of AI to a wide variety of IoT gateways and edge devices, to enable local processing of sensors and data.


Robotics Process Automation + Artificial Intelligence

HyperAutomation brings together several components of processautomation, integrating tools and technologies that amplify the ability to automate work.

It starts with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) at its core, and expands automation capability with Artificial Intelligence (AI), process mining, analytics, and other advanced tools.

HyperAutomation is redefining the way we work! 

Digital Innovation Delivered!

We design, build and deliver technology-based innovations that create significant competitive advantage and revenue growth potential for our clients.

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